Shelly's story is a little different to the others as she was born here. Her mum came in pregnant and proudly produced a litter of seven lovely puppies. However, it soon became clear to me, even as a puppy, that Shelly was a bit of an 'oddball'. The other puppies were all outgoing, friendly and adventurous, Shelly though would hang back from the others and was a bit of a loner, very odd in a young puppy.

I tried, unsuccessfully many, many times to find her an understanding home but never could. Eventually I surrendered myself to the fact that Shelly would have to stay here.

She grew up amongst several German Shepherds, and I think she believed she was one! Many years ago I christened her 'Head of Security' because if someone called to the house and I needed to bring the dogs inside, they would all come when called, except for Shelly, who would continue to patrol the perimeter!

Shelley is almost 17 years old now, has survived two minor strokes and has outlived her best friends Cally, Shadow and Amy. She is, of course, a bit 'doddery' on her feet but still has moments when she forgets her age, and will come running in the kitchen door or through the house like a dog half her age!

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