An elderly couple rang me one Saturday morning to say that they had a little wire-haired terrier that had strayed into their garden the night before. They went on to explain that he was in terrible shape, nearly hairless and scratching himself raw.

So, along came Minzi Teddy Bear. The elderly couple were right, he was practically bald and tearing himself to pieces. I assumed it was mange and treated him accordingly; but nothing changed, and after 10 days, since he was still scratching like crazy, I knew that something was not right. Though the mange treatment certainly would not cure the condition within10 days, it most definitely would have cooled things down and given him some relief. So off we went to the vets for tests.

No parasites were found on the skin scrapes. That explained why the mange treatment had no effect. Biopsies were taken and sent off for analysis. When the results came back they showed that Minzi was what is called 'atopic'. In a nutshell that means he is allergic to something, but it was not possible to say just what it was.

The condition can be treated with medications and a special shampoo, but it cannot be cured. Its not a constant problem but he does have 'flare ups' on a fairly regular basis.

So Minzi has a permanent home here with the rest of the gang. He is a funny little character with the sweetest little teddy bear face.

He shares the kitchen with Shelly. and is very attentive to her. He will lick her dry if he thinks that I have not done a good enough job of it when she gets wet from the rain. He absolutely hates going out in the rain himself, and will hide anywhere he thinks I will not find him. Unfortunately for him, I always do!

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