Gracie was found lying on the side of the road in January 1999. The people that found her that day were just driving by, but thankfully stopped to help her. I have often wondered just how many other people drove past her that day and did nothing.

It was discovered that Gracie had a fractured pelvis, having presumably been hit by a car. It was not a terribly bad fracture; it just required rest for several weeks to enable healing to take place. Gracie recovered very well, and was soon running around and enjoying herself.

I kept her here for some time, to make sure that all was well before I could consider rehoming her. She lived in the house with some of the other dogs and was no problem at all, other than she would sneakily steal and hide my car keys at every given opportunity!

I found a home for Gracie in the UK, through a friend who was then involved in greyhound rescue work. The new home was thoroughly vetted and checked and I was happy to let her go there. So off she went to her new life one Tuesday evening. She arrived safe and sound, and her new owner was delighted with her.

I thought all was well until I received a call from her new, and now distraught, owner early on the Friday morning. She had left Gracie in the sitting room during the night and she had demolished a three-piece settee! I know it wasn't funny, but it took a great deal of willpower for me not to burst out laughing on the phone. I could visualize Gracie being very busy, and delighted with herself and her achievements!

I contacted my greyhound rescue friend, who kept some of the dogs in her house, to see if she could take Gracie in a hurry, as the lady wasn't about to risk anymore 'demolition jobs' being done to her house. My friend had no room immediately available but offered to put Gracie into boarding kennels. This didn't sit very well with me, as I felt Gracie must have been very upset at being left alone at night since she had never caused any damage here with me. So I decided to contact the transporter to see if he was still in the UK. Thankfully he was, so I asked him to collect Gracie and bring her back to Ireland. Gracie had been on a big adventure for a few days, but now it was time that she came back home!

It became clear to me that this little one did not want to leave home. Once she was back she settled down right away and didn't touch the furniture here, other than to stretch out on it! So I decided it was best not to try rehoming her again, as it clearly distressed her greatly, but to accept that Gracie's home was here with me.

She is now about 11 years old, and just the funniest little minx imaginable. She has a 'party trick', which she uses on unsuspecting visitors if she gets the opportunity. She thinks it's extremely funny to jump up and bump people on their nose with her nose. She thinks this is even more fun if they wear glasses and she can knock them off!!

I always warn people who visit to beware of the little brown lurcher, but she is so quick that the deed is often done by the time I've warned them! I have to admit I think it is pretty amusing too, but do my best to hide my smiles. Gracie, however, runs off with a big doggy grin on her face in sheer delight!

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